Blues Cafe

Blues Cafe

You would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say thank you for being a friend. Goodbye gray sky hello blue. There's not hing can hold me when I hold you. Feels so right it cant be wrong. Rockin' and ro llin' all week long? Got kind of tired packin' and unpackin' - town to town and up an d down the dial. The weather started getting rough - the tiny ship was tossed. If not for the courage of the fearless crew the Minnow would be lost. the Minnow would be lost.

Blues Cafe

At Blues cafe we serve multi-cuisine food. Our chef is a specialist in Indian and Italian food; but he explores other styles of cuisines as well.

  • Budget Hotel with Boutique Feel
  • Rooftop Dining
  • Free Basic WiFi for Hotel & Dining Guests
  • Great Deals
  • All Day dining
  • Late Night

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