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People from Jaisalmer are known for their warmth and friendliness. To support in the local economy we have only employed the local people, specially the camel drivers works directly with us and not via any agencies and it reduces a third party commission. They also get a reasonable amount for their daily work. Due to deserted atmosphere and being away from all the major cities of India, Jaisalmer has not yet developed with modern facilities for daily life of it's people. As all the team member at Arya Haveli have born and brought up in the small villages of Jaisalmer they understand the basic need of support for their community and try in their way to do so.

Blues Cafe

One of our main team member Ali Khan is working also as a part time teacher in a specially built small school in a Dhani (a very small village in deep desert). We request to all our guests to bring pen, papers, books, cloths or any other item that you may have at your home and not using it and could fit in the extra space of your travel bag for the students in need from these schools. Your support will be very much appreciated. We can also take you to one of those school to meet and great the students, if you wish :)

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